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This website and the contents published on it are a free service of Fairmas GmbH.

Subject of the website:

The subject of the website is the publication of Fairmas’ own market analyses with the focus on traditional accommodation establishments in Germany (hotels, hostels). The analysis is based on anonymized key performance indicators from Fairmas Benchmarking and Fairmas Trendbarometer within it.

The website is currently divided into public and non-public sections. In order to gain access to the non-public section, a successful registration (free of charge) is necessary. In the public domain, there are freely accessible reports and analyses which are fully comprehensible without prior registration.


The registration process consists of entering personal contact information (first name, last name, company, field of work  and full address) as well as the user’s personal login data. The content provided by Fairmas is constantly adapted to the needs of the users, thus it is necessary to record the field of work and geographical location.

The registration is considered to have been successfully completed if the email automatically sent in accordance with the legally required double-opt-in procedure has been confirmed by the user.

There is no right to user registration. Fairmas GmbH reserves the right to delete registered users or to refuse registration without stating reasons.

Personal data will never be forwarded to third parties, or used internally for any purpose other than to send information about the German hotel market by email, such as the monthly Fairmas Hotel Report. (For further information on data protection, please refer to the Privacy page).

Cancellation of the registration (opt-out), which equals to the termination of the monthly delivery of the Fairmas Hotel Report, is possible at any time without giving any reason. You can use the Unsubscribe link automatically sent with each email or send an informal e-mail to office@fairmas.com.

For registration and automatic dispatch of emails, Fairmas uses the services of an independent third party. (MailChimp).

© Copyright 2017 / Copyright Notice

All contents of the website www.fairmashotelreport.com, in particular texts and graphics, are protected by copyright laws. Unless expressly indicated otherwise, all copyrights belong to Fairmas GmbH.

Please contact us if you wish to use the contents of this website.

Commercial processing – even in a modified form – is not allowed without the prior consent of Fairmas. For journalistic purposes, extracts and/or parts of texts and graphics published on the website may be used with reference to the source (Fairmas Hotel Report). If you have any doubts, please contact Fairmas.

Anyone who infringes the copyrights (i.e. pictures or texts were illegally copied) is punishable by law according to §§ 106ff UrhG , given a warning notice and must pay for compensation (§ 97UrhG).