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Hotel Report July 2021

July 13, 2021,

Performance Analysis: June 2021 in some major destinations in Germany

Dear Readers,

On July 5, the 7-day incidence rate in Germany was 5%. The implemented vaccination and testing strategy seem to put the coronavirus in its place.
Finally, one would like to exclaim, and indeed there is currently a lot of movement in all sectors of the economy.

This is also the case in the hotel industry. Even though June was not considered as a “complete” month for the hotel industry in all German states – for example, Berlin only lifted the ban on tourist accommodation on the 11th – the key figures recovered significantly.

The significant difference between the occupancy rate and RevPar indicators depending on the choice of calculation basis (physical vs. actual room capacity) remains, but it can be seen that the values are moving closer together again.

In this context, June closed with higher growth rates overall than the previous month of May. Germany-wide, the occupancy rate doubled from 13.8% (May) to now 26.2% (June). The holiday hotel industry has been strengthened by the start of the summer holidays in the first federal states.
Hamburg improved at a comparable level among the A destinations (occupancy: May 16.1%, June 31.2%). Frankfurt grew from 18.8% (May) to 24.7% (June) and in Berlin, the occupancy rate rose from 17.4% to 28.8%.

With one exception, the average room rate of A destinations overall nearly caught up with the previous year’s value in 2020. There is still a significant price level difference between now and 2019.

June is encouraging and closes with significantly better values than May. The occupancy rate reached 26.2% nationwide. On average, a room costs € 86.50, with RevPar closing at € 22.70.

Enjoy the summer and stay healthy!
Your Fairmas Hotel Report Team

Hotel Report July 2021